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Areias do Seixo 26, Santa Cruz Hotel, ARTEH
The Magic of Areias do Seixo with ARTEH®
08 Apr 2010

ARTEH® organizes "The Magic of Areias do Seixo" Press Trip, an ARTEH® Hotel in Santa Rita Beach.

We leave for the Santa Rita beach, near the Santa Cruz beach, to discover Areias do Seixo. On the horizon we sight the unusual lines of a grey and copper toned building in the middle of the pine wood, and its unexpected location arouses our curiosity…

On arrival we are received by the Hotel owners, Marta Fonseca and Gonçalo Alves, who invited us for a tasty rooibos, chocolate and orange tea, accompanied by delicious chocolate muffins, in the Lugar da Horta, an architecturally designed space that skilfully combines the Restaurant and Hotel Bar in a welcoming and colourful style.

The concrete structure of the building confers an attractive primary simplicity and the decoration appeals to the enclosure of Nature indoors. We are immediately dazzled by the space when we walk over the Mirror of Water… in the Lugar da Horta, the genial combination between modern and rustic elements makes the pieces of singular design stand out. The furniture reflects the Indian, Moroccan and African influences in a perfect symbiosis of colours and forms.

From the refined Silver Room, to the unimaginable Room that Flies, finishing off in the passionate Nha Cretcheu, the Hotel´s ten rooms have different names, an inspiring poem on the door and ambient music.

The day was ending when we gathered by the huge bonfire, named Circle of Fire, for a cocktail with a view to the spectacular sunset over the sea.

The dinner promised a journey of smells, flavours, colours and sounds, that are impossible to forget… the cello, accordion and saxophone concert, the delicious pumpkin with sweet potato and thyme, the stuffed mushrooms with garlic and herbs, the indescribable cod in the oven with cooked potatoes and for dessert, the tasty wild fruits cheesecake, delighted our eyes and palate…

The next morning, we gathered for an appetizing breakfast and set out to discover Nature. We strolled around the vegetable garden, crossed the dunes that lead us up to the Seixo beach and walked in the pine wood… back in the Hotel, a relaxing and revitalizing massage in the SPA awaited us.

When saying goodbye, the Magic of Areias do Seixo absorbed our thoughts and inspired us to return soon to this Hotel with an alternative concept, "without reception, check-in nor check-out", that is undoubtedly "a big house to receive friends", as Marta Fonseca says.

Discover Areias do Seixo with ARTEH®.

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