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The Final Curtain at the Hotel Teatro
15 Apr 2011

It is right in the center of Oporto next to Avenida dos Aliados, next to the famous Rua de Santa Catarina and the Mercado do Bolhão, that we find the dazzling Hotel Teatro.

On arrival, we are welcomed by Almeida Garrett's romantic poem, Moliére's strokes can be heard and the play is ready to begin…

Warmly received in the hotel's lobby, the dazzling reel, designed by interior decorator Nini Andrade Silva, invites us to appreciate the ambiance and involves us in Theater's magic, we enjoy a glass of Port Wine in the fascinating Bar Plateia.

The end of a warm afternoon invites us for a small walk through the streets, appreciating the architecture and the city bustle. Back at the hotel, the surprise of a degustation dinner at the singular Palco Restaurant awaits us...

The tasty amuse bouche of scallop carpaccio, followed by a fabulous lobster soup and a delicious green asparagus risotto with quail egg, leave us rendered from the start.

With a distinct flavour, and equally surprising, the skewered octopus with piedmont black rice, left us curious… it was followed by a refreshing tangerine and champagne ice cream, which refined our palate for the fabulous steamed fish fillet.

To finish off, the spectacular dessert, which still makes our mouth water: a fig fondant with goat cheese ice cream, which was the high point of the tasting in its maximum exponent, a true cast of flavours! In the warmth of a friendly conversation, coffee was served in the hotel's relaxing patio.

Once again the strokes are heard and we, the actors, parade through the corridors lit by projectors in direction of the rooms. Inspired by the mystical environment, we are left to simply relax, when the curtains fall. Instilled by the comfort of a Gallery or by the charm of a Tribune, without losing the charm of the Audience, we enjoy a welcoming and unique environment in the rooms, in brown, copper and smooth golden tones.

The following morning, the attractive breakfast is served in the Palco Restaurant, where fresh fruits, freshly pressed juice, homemade jams, delicious croissants, amongst many other options are available, provide a genial combination of colours and flavours, that sharpens the curiosity and awakes the senses.

After the morning coffee, it is time to leave. Engraved in our memory are the details of a singular decoration, the excellence of a service and a sublime experience that we would like to repeat.

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Diana Ribeiro

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