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Citibank Masters Tour 2006 Final in Angra - Brazil
30 Oct 2006

From the 1st to the 5th of November, in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Andrés Goméz will be present at the Citibank Masters Tour.

After winning the title at Porto Alegre, next to Danilo Marcelino, Andrés Goméz was champion the following year at the Curitiba stage with Thomaz Koch. This year, he has accepted the privileged invitation presented by Try Sports, who for every circuit invites a special guest to participate in the Grand Final.

The outstanding victory is the one of 1990, where Gómez beat Andre Agassi at the French Open Final. At the time he was 30 years old, being the oldest tennis player to have ever won the Rolan Garros trophy.

In doubles, he won two Gran Slam trophies, in 1988 in France with Emílio Sánchez and in 1986 at the US Open, sided by Slobodan Zivojinovic.

Andrés Gómez has been the tennis player that has played the longest for his country, 17 years in all, has the largest number of victories, 51-27 and has disputes the largest number of titles, a total of 37.

The Masters Tour Grand Final will decide the 2006 season’s champion, and gather some of the most renowned names in the history of Brazilian tennis such as Thomaz Koch, Júlio Goes, de Mauro Menezes and César Kist, amongst other.

The qualifications will be held in Săo Paulo on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October before the grand final in Angra dos Reis.

About Angra dos Reis

Paradisiacal Islands, Beaches and waterfalls of indescribable beauty

The rocking of the ocean in perfect harmony with the mountains and waterfalls, make of Angra dos Reis one of the most beautiful regions in the world. In this area, nature has created 8 bays, 365 islands, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and over 2000 beaches that artistically contrast the green tones of the mangroves.

After being discovered in the year1500 by Pedro Alvarez Cabral, the Portuguese crown sent three ships to Brazil to draw the map and tame the coastline of the new continent. The colonizers were impressed by the beauty of Guanabara Bay and amazed with what yet to come.

The ships, at the command of the Portuguese sails man Gonçalo Coelho entered Ilha Grand Bay on the 6th of January 1502. As it was King’s Day (from Portuguese Dia dos Reis), the island was baptized Angra dos Reis.

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