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The Vila Joya Suprise in Guia, Albufeira with ARTEH®
11 Nov 2009

ARTEH® organized the Press Trip "The Vila Joya Surprise", an ARTEH® Hotel in Guia, Albufeira - Algarve.

We departed from Lisbon headed for Vila Joya. After some hours on the road the sea could already be glimpsed and on a common road, barely noticeable, we found the hotel. But after passing through the gates everything was transformed!
We entered a waterfront paradise. The harmony that could be felt at Vila Joya invaded us as soon as we entered the reception area. We were received by Anabela, receptionist for over 12 years, and smiles and welcomes came from everywhere.
Curious, we left the luggage in a corner of the reception and accepted the invitation for a drink on the terrace with a view to a perfect scenery!

After having gone down to the beach we saw the rooms we had been destined. Decorated individually, every room was evidence of good taste, maximum elegance and comfort in a perfect conjugation with the outstanding view to the Atlantic Ocean.

If we think that this house was bought by a German family that fell in love with the Algarve, we understand why we feel a family spirit in every corner of Vila Joya.

Anabela gave us a guided tour of the hotel, through the elegant common spaces, the marvellous gardens, the pools and the SPA with a relaxing and seductive environment.

The time to meet the magnificent cuisine of the Austrian Chef Dieter Koshina was coming up and some anxiety could be felt. It's not everyday that we may taste the only cuisine in Portugal awarded, since 1999, with 2 Michelin stars.

It was "Gala Dinner" night and because of it the gourmet menu was composed by 8 dishes, not counting with Chef Koshina's "extras". We were taken to our table, where each place was marked with a personalized hand made marker.

Each plate presented brought new and fantastic flavours... Maldon Oysters with Leek and Seaweed, Egg Yolk over Spinach a lá Creme with Nut and Alba Truffles Butter, Pomegranate Sorbet with Melon, Cocoa Sabayone with Tonca Bean Ice-cream and Amarena Praliné... and all of which delighted us.

The time to retire arrived. A dream breakfast awaited for us the next day.

The breakfast on the balcony with a sea view was the best way to start the day. The choice was eye-opening and Justin's company (Marketing and Sales Director) was a pleasant surprise that allowed us to get to know Vila Joya history better and its future plans.

All of us avoided thinking that the time to go had come. All of us were waiting for a "hope to see you soon" and all made plans to come back in the Summer.

The Vila Joya is a hotel where the details are not left to chance! The Vila Joya inspires the senses!

Discover Vila Joya with ARTEH®.

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