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Douro Wine Region Celebrates 250 Years
12 Oct 2006

The demarked region of Douro, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage in 2001 and home to some of the Best Wines of Portugal, is the oldest demarked wine region in the world and is celebrating its 250th anniversary.

The region has over 250 thousand hectares that run from the Baixo Corgo area (near Vila Nova de Gaia) to Douro Superior (near the Spanish border). This is where Port Wine is made, appreciated and recognized all over the world; the sellers lay along the South Douro river bank, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and may be visited.

Along the Douro River, which crosses the North of Portugal, you can see the typical hills filled with vineyards that benefit the richness of the soils and the excellent climate conditions.

Through the tranquil waters, sail the famous “Barcos Rebelo”, shipments that once transported wine barrels down the river, but today used exclusively for trips that take you through unforgettable landscapes.

Although it is a large region and some areas are not easily accessible, there are a couple of spots that can’t be left unknown.

Lamego, for example, “cultural capital of Douro” with an extremely reach patrimony to be seen at the Sé, prior to the foundation of Portugal, the Senhora dos Remédios’s Sanctuary, with its monumental stairway, as well as the Medieval Castle and Paço Ducal.

To get an idea of the typical landscape, we suggest a climb to the Săo Leonardo view point at Galafura, located between Régua and Vila Real, on the road to Vila Seca de Poiares. From this point, you can appreciate the true beauty of the vineyards, the river and the terraces, according to how the Portuguese writer Miguel Torga described in his “geological poem”.

A good starting point to discover the Côa Valley and the Rupestre Paintings found along the surroundings (primitive engraving of animals on stones), is the Castelo Melhor Village, part of the Vila Nova de Foz Côa County. When in the village note the little houses built of schist and the castle ruins.

Douro is the perfect place for Enotourism, meaning visitations to wineries, being entitled to a diverse program of activities. Like at the Quinta da Gaivosa and Quinta da Pacheca, for example, where besides discovering the properties and production methods you may taste some of the best crops in there own environment.

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